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Become a member of Tour Connection today and experience unsurpassed exposure to the travel buyers responsible for booking concert tours, production travel for film, television and theatre, VIP travel and more!

  • EXPOSURE. Let the ever-growing entertainment travel community know who takes the best care of clients! Used by the world's TOP entertainment travel buyers, the property will be featured within our resource.
  • EXPERIENCE. With our high-demand, member-only, annual Networking Events, we provide the platform for members to build valuable, long-lasting relationships with hundreds of entertainment travel buyers.
  • EXPERTISE. Since 1990, Tour Connection resources remain the most comprehensive and widely-used tools in the industry. We offer unparalleled customer service and maintain 90%+ membership renewal rate annually.
  • Providing absolute discretion to entertainment clients.
  • Respond promptly and thoroughly to all Booking Inquiries, emails and calls from travel buyers. Including requests that are under 10 rooms.
  • Pay attention and address all special requests such as bus parking, late arrival/early departure, etc. in the initial response.
  • Provide general training on property level to all departments to follow through until the group has left; most especially weekends and after hours.
  • Ensure all commissions are paid within timely manner.
  • If possible, implementing a short, direct Entertainment Contract with detail specific just to the group.
Travel buyers look to us and trust Tour Connection to provide them with one-stop shopping.

Available Membership Levels

Premier Plus Membership benefits, PLUS...

  • First level placement within our resource's city search results (above all Premier Plus, Premier, Upgraded Basic and Basic Members).
  • FEATURED Member status within our resource's venue search results (listing appears above the search results and then again within the search results by distance)
  • Guaranteed invitations to our Spring events in Los Angeles and New York City and Fall event in Nashville.
  • Impact Membership space is limited. Please contact a Tour Connection representative for details.
Premier Plus
Premier Membership benefits, PLUS...

  • Second level placement* with our resource's city search results (above all Premier, Upgraded Basic and Basic Members).
  • Invitations to exclusive travel buyer events are distributed to members in order of membership type beginning with Impact Ad members, followed by Premier Plus Full Page members, then Premier Plus ½ Page members. Space permitting, Premier Full Page members are next to receive the invitations followed by Premier ½ Page members. If attending our events is a priority, we kindly suggest Premier Plus Half Page membership or above in order to guarantee invitation. **Registration fee is in addition to membership fee. Participation is not guaranteed until registration is submitted and confirmed.
  • 4-Color Display Ad in the Cross-Reference section of the printed Tour Connection Booking Guide. Ad also viewable
Upgraded Basic Membership benefits, PLUS...

  • Third level placement within our resource's city search results (above all Upgraded Basic and Basic Members).
  • Exclusive Search Optimization package includes: a photo on search results page linking to your extensive image gallery, a Tag Line further distinguishing the property, your contact information prominently displayed, the ability to promote a current Special Offer or Incentive, and a direct link to your email and hotel's website.
  • See Premier Plus for invite process.
  • Black & White Display Ad in the Cross-Reference section of the printed Tour Connection Booking Guide. Ad also viewable on
Upgraded Basic
Basic Membership benefits, PLUS...

  • Fourth level placement within our resource's city search results (above all Basic members)
  • Enhanced Search Optimization package includes: an extensive (6) image gallery, full contact information displayed on search results page, the ability to promote a current Special Offer or Incentive and a direct link to hotelier's email address and hotel's website.
  • Hotel Profile and listing on Provides all the pertinent information needed by our entertainment travel buyers to make their selections. Searchable by city, state, venue and even sales representative's name.
  • BOOKING INQUIRY feature allows travel buyers to email members through our website with an inquiry for upcoming groups requiring accommodations in each city.
  • Fifth level placement on website city search results (below all Upgraded Basic, Premier, Premier Plus and Impact members)
  • Includes (1) photo of the property
  • Full-page, formatted Hotel Profile page and cross-referenced with up to 20 entertainment venues in the printed Tour Connection Booking Guide

*Our city search results are always initially sorted descending by membership type. If there is NOT an IMPACT Ad member in the city, Premier Plus members will receive first level placement, Premier members will receive second level placement, followed by Upgraded Basic and Basic.

ALL ADVERTS - It is the responsibility of the Hotel to provide artwork for the print display ad prior to print deadline (Spring/Summer - February 15 and Fall/Winter - August 15) Tour Connection is able to create your display ad for an additional fee and with sufficient notice prior to deadline. Please contact your Account Representative with any questions or concerns.


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