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Los Angeles’ most Celebrated Destination takes Center Stage

Fairmont Century Plaza will be the centerpiece for a highly walkable enclave where anything a discerning traveler could want can be found within the wood and glass walls, or just steps beyond them. In the heart of Los Angeles, the 400-room hotel will offer guests and locals alike a gourmet café, Lumière Brasserie, a rooftop bar, and more. Through its design, architecture, and location, the Century Plaza Hotel has the ability to remake the past in a way that resonates with modern guests. It will be a place to see and be seen, take home that trophy, slip upstairs to celebrate, or just to retreat into a luxurious suite or one of the top-floor residences and soak up all that retro-modern beauty.
Since its inception, Fairmont Century Plaza has called upon the brightest design and architectural minds to construct more than just a “Los Angeles” hotel. Beginning with the Hotel and City’s master-planned origins, this is the place where everything is by design. With a starchitect dream-team assembled again, Fairmont Century Plaza will once more embody the blueprint for something better. Our constant pursuit to build what others would leave on paper makes this a unique place where guests are encouraged to become the architects of their own destiny. Welcome to our Radiant City – the brightest star in the cosmos of L.A.